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In conjunction with the month of Ramadan I, may I feel obliged to share the article with Dates (Tamar).

Among the benefits of dates are;
1-Rich in protein
2-High in sugar
3-High in fiber
4-Rich in Vitamins A and C Viramin
5-Rich in nutrients and minerals like iron, calcium, sodium and potassium.

Muslims are encouraged to break the fast with dates. Dates are between food / fruit of the most favored by the Prophet.
Nutritional breakdown of limiting dates as follows;
1-protein (1.8 ~ 2.0%)
2-Fiber (2.0 ~ 4.0%)
3-Glucose (50.0 ~ 57.0%)
Because the sugar content in it has changed in nature, but when we eat the dates, the energy absorbed by the body immediately.

Instead of sugar in most other fruits, known as Sugar Cane Fraktosa and normal or Sugar Sand Sucrose. Sugar containing this type can not be absorbed directly into the body.It had to be broken first by the enzyme before this turns into Glukosa.Glukosa absorbed by the body for energy.

So we are very encouraged to break with kurma.Kurma can provide instant energy to the energy pemakan.Ini allow us to worship and prayer tarawih dusk or more energetic even though we have to fast that day.

It is strongly recommended that we eat without waste it skin because dates are rich in this fiber. fiber can ease food and prevent colon cancer.

Vitamin A and C are greatest during the dates and Khalal Rotab stage. While the mineral content in the palm-like Potassium is needed by our nervous system.

In short, Dates is the best food for breaking fast.Benarlah ... the traditions of the Prophet, there are a lot of wisdom and benefits if we can practice it.
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